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(I.) This quick events link below will take you directly to the local KC motorcycle events page:

For the quick link to regional Vintage Japanese groups and or events, go to:



All are welcome to join us at any of the events noted below, we are friendly to everyone:

(II.) Monthly KCVJMC Meeting: Please join us on the last Sunday of each month at Denny's on Front St. (about 2 miles south of Worlds of Fun)  All Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts are invited.  We will always have a meeting unless clearly noted. Denny's is located at 6887 E. Front Street, K.C., Mo. 64120.  We meet from 3pm to around 4:30pm.  If you ever wonder if we are having a meeting, so far we have never cancelled a meeting in the past 8 years so chances are that the meeting will proceed as scheduled!


(III.)  Go to the last two page for updated printable KCVJMC event fliers!  For more information go to the flier section!

KCVJMC 2021 events listed below (for additional information text 816-454-2891 or e-mail

As fliers are produced and printable they will be available on the last two of thie site "as we get them."  They are noted on the right hand side of this page listed under "printable fliers"(next to the bottom of the page list). If a flier has not been downloaded, check later. Or click on:

1.  Spring Cruise In:  First Sunday @ Blip:             Sunday May 2, TBA  (9 am - 11am)

2. Bill Brown Picnic:                                             Saturday May TBA, 2021

3 Spring KCVJMC Rally @ Donnell's:                Saturday  May TBA, 2021

4.  VJMC Rally At Shawnee Cycle Plaza               Saturday June ??, 2021

5.  All Japanese Rally @ Liberty Cycle Center:   Saturday July TBA, 2021  (10am - 2pm).

7.  Meetin-In-The Middle  Atlantic, Iowa         Sat./Sunday TBA-2021

8.  8th. Annual KCVJMC Vintage Motorcycle

   Rally at the Commermorative Air Force Museum           Saturday Aug. TBA, 2021  (8am - 1pm}  

9.  5th. Annual 2-Stroke Rally @ Johnny Ray's                 Saturday August TBA, 2021  (9am - 2pm)                                                        

10.  Bill Brown Midwest Sidecar Event:                Sunday September TBA, 2021 (12 noon - 5pm)           8120 Gleason  Lenexa, Ks.66227

11.  KCVJMC Annual Picnic:                                  2021 date to be announced later in the year (10am - 2pm)  Wyandotte County Lake, shelter #___


For more information regarding these and other local events, go to:       


(IV.) A little about who we are:

The genuine motorcycle enthusiast can appreciate nearly all motorcycle types, brands, and their individual unique developments.  The "Japanese Motorcycle Enthusiasts" is such a group (we are KCVJMC).  We appreciate the history, development, innovation, and variety that the Asian manufacturers have given to the field of motorcycle development.  We in no way want to diminish the value or importance of motorcycles from the US other countries!  After saying this, the Japanese motorcycle has had a huge influence on the modern history of our sport.  In the areas of reliability, creative design, sales volume, the positive social acceptance of the motorcycle, and the domination of many race categories, the asian motorcycle has had a significant and undeniable influence.  In fact, the American motorcycle had to improve it's own designs in order to be competitive with the Asian bikes!  The Japanese motorcycle also brought millions of people to the sport!  Please join us in recognizing the importance of the Japanese motorcycle by participating in the Kansas City Chapter of VJMC. 

(V.)  The Leadership Team of KCVJMC:

1.  Administrative  Officers:

      Club President:    -Mark Bayer  816-454-2891

      Vice President & Club Secretary:    -Bill Brown  913-526-5095

Mark is the VJMC Field Representative for western Missouri and Bill Brown is VJMC Field Representative for Kansas

2. Event Coordinators:

First Friday Rally     - Mark Bayer 

Bill Brown Picnic      - Bill Brown

Donnell's Rally        - Fred Reynolds

All Japanese Rally   - Mark Bayer

VJMC Regional        - Jim Boughn

2-Stroke Rally          - Bill Wilson

Annual Picnic          - John Bender & Bill Bowring

3. Activity & Media Coordinators:

Ride & Safety            -  Claud Chafin

Facebook Coordinator- Buddy Walton

web site:  Pat Yelton, Fred Reynolds, & John Bender

Event fliers: Bob Pfeifer, Mark bayer, John Bender

magazine article submission - Mark Bayer (John Bender & Claude Chafin have also submitted articles for the VJMC magazine)

4. Notable Members who have been active in event organization and as advisors:

Robert Blaksley (one of VJMC's oldest continuous members)

Jim Koenig,  Clifford Miller, and  Tom Marvel


We have additional positions to be filled, if you are a member of VJMC (you have a VJMC card and get the magazine) and currently attend some of our events or meetings, we would be honored for you to get involved.




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Hopefully we will have 2021 T-Shirts!


T-Shirts are still available.  They may be available at many of our events (not all) in 2021 or can be ordered through Sherill at  From what I understand, Sherill can make special shirts if you call her though special orders may cost more!  Please get yours at one of our events or call her and special order one.  Lets support her work, it's great having shirts again.   















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