Pictures of past or curerent KCVJMC bikes:



This page is made up of past and current bikes owned or shown by KCVJMC members.  This page will grow and grow as the year progresses.  Send me a picture and I will put it on as I have time.

John B's Yamaha's. His SRX6 above and his XS650 below;

The Yamaha 650 twins have been used as flat trackers, bobbers, and customs, it is hard to find an original!

John E's CB750 Cafe Racer:

The original CB750's have been one of the most customized Japanese motorcycles.  Because they are modern, can keep up with modern bikes, and are reliable, they have been popular.

Claud's CB100:

 The little CB100 was so modern for it's day that it has been copied for over 40 years.  There is currently a manufacturer which uses the basic design for a current 150cc bike.

Mike J's KZ1000:

The Kawasaki Z-1 was the first bike to challenge the Honda CB750.  It won and the KZ1000 was the updated version of the same bike.  There are still a lot of the KZ650's & KZ750's around but you see few 1000's.  The big KZ's were popular with the drag racers.  The engines could be built to produce huge amounts of power and still stay together.  Mike's bike is a good clean original bike!


The Vineyard Grand Car/Motorcycle Show, 2012;


Frank's CB550 below:

The first small version of the CB750 was the CB500.  Later it bacame the CB550 then a CB650.  Many of these bikes are currently being used as vintage road racers. 

This CB750A is owned by James:

 The CB750A (automatic) was sold for two years.  It was followed by a CB400A then the CB450A sold for only one year. 

Mark B's 1967 CB77 (305 Scrambler):

 The 250/305 Hawk's, Super Hawk's and Scramblers sold by the tens of thousands.  These bikes put Honda on the map.  They were considered fast for the late 1960's and would humble a British 500cc bike.

Jose's XL600:

These bikes are so modern today that's it is hard to see them as vintage.  This one is a first year series with a very rare metal tank.  These bikes are still used in desert racing today.

Ron C's. 1967 CB450:

The Honda CB450 "Black Bomber" was Japan's first original attempt at a big bike.   Why a 450 and not a 500?  I think Sochiro Honda just wanted to show that he could do more with less.  The first series 450's are more collectable than later models.