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Photo Gallery of recent KCVJMC events:

Our KCVJMC group meets on the last Sunday of every month (unless there is a holiday or other special event on that day).  Actual dates are posted on the main page of this site.  You can also go to the Yahoo Group "KCVJMC" for up to date information.  We sponsor two main events yearly.  They are the "First Sunday" Cruise at the first of May, and the "All Japanese" show held the first weekend after July 4th.  We also have other events throughout the year, but those are scheduled as the year progresses.  We are hoping to have a yearly "swap meet" promoting parts for Japanese motorcycles at some point in the future.  The KCVJMC group was preceeded by the North Kansas City Motorcycle Association which was an association of four local motorcycle riding groups.  From the NKCMA the Honda Enthusiasts was started as well as the VCME (Vintage & Custom Motorcycle Enthusiasts).  The Midwest Cruisers were a partner to the Honda Enthusiast group and originated because many of the riders did not ride Honda's and they didn't want to say they were members of the Honda Enthusiasts group!  All of these groups were (except the VCME) were riding groups.  The KCVJMC group is dedicated to the promotion of the nationally based Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club and a place for those interested in the history, preservation, and showing of vintage Japanese motorcycles.  Please feel free to join us.

Above is a photo from our 2020 2 Stroke Rally;

Pictured above is a shot from the 2020 Liberty Cycle Center Rally.

Below is the 2012 First Sunday event held by the KCVJMC group!

The 2011 "First Sunday" event was a chilly day which looked like it was going to rain.  We still had over 35 show bikes and a lot of interest from outsiders.  We had over 100 visitors that day!


2012 First Sunday event held by the VJMC group in May:


Below is a picture of Mark Bayer around 1970; he had hair and lots of it!


Below is a picture from the July 2013 All Japanese event sponsored by the KCVJMC club.

Pictured below is the core of our KCVJMC group at one of our events.  We currently have over 118 members listed and still growing!

Below the 2016 2 Stroke Rally held August 20th:


Above is the 2011 First Sunday event held on May 1st.  This was the first official KCVJMC event.

A picture from a 2009 motorcycle event:

This 2009 event picture is from the VGC event but included the "Honda Enthusiasts" group.  This and other event preceeded the KCVJMC activities.  This event was co sponsored by rhw Honda Enthusiasts and VCME group.. Check out:  www.vcme.mysite.com



Below is our first event of 2015:

The April 19, 2015 All Metro Rally was a success even though it rained the day before ant the evening of the event.  We had about 4 hours of good weather and several hundred people showed up.

Motorcycles at the 2011 Vineyard Grand Classic; Our Entire Group Won Awards::

The picture below is from the 2011 All Japaneese Motorcycle Show.  There were around 30+ nice vintage Japanese motorcycles shown.  Over 120 bikes and riders passed through the event that day.  The temperature was in the 100 degree range, or very hot!

We had a good group show up at the 2011 Vineyard Grand Classic Car & Motorcycle show.  Our entire group won awards.  Lets have another great showing in 2012!

Below is a picture from the 2012 All Japanese Show on July 8th.

Below is a picture of Mark Bayers 1973 CB750:

Picture from our First Sunday event 2012::